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Registration for tryouts is OPEN!

If you'd still like the opportunity to possibly train with a TSC team, please reach out to [email protected]

Tryouts are FREE.  Registration is OPEN, you can sign up today to hold your spot in the club.  If you’re looking for a club that focuses on developing each and every child, then we are it.  Technical Soccer Club Develops players!

Check us out for tryout dates, they are FREE so take advantage of a few free sessions while you meet and work with the staff and meet your teammates:

To register: please log in/create an account (top right-hand corner) and register each player for their appropriate program. Once your player has been accepted, you'll be able to log into your account to finish registration and submit payment.



Email: [email protected]  803-318-6417

Directions to:

KC West - 519 White Head Road, Lugoff, SC

Westwood High School -  180 S-40-1694, Blythewood, SC 29016

Please bring a ball, shin guards and water.


Tryout or money maker?

Each year traditional clubs go through the farce of tryouts pretending to give you and your child an honest evaluation and placement among dozens or maybe 60 or more kids. At first it might be impressive that there are large numbers, but if this were a classroom would you want 50+ more kids in the same room fighting for the teacher’s attention and then wonder why the evaluation is generic? 

Sadly with traditional tryouts, often the majority of teams are already picked before the tryouts even begin since the favorite players are known by the coach and already have their spot secured on the team.  Sometimes the best players don't even attend tryouts.

So you pay your money for an evaluation/tryout, you get your t-shirt and for the rest of the year you're asking why didn't my kid make that team?  That kid didn't even show up for tryouts but made the team, etc.  You don’t even get feedback on why your kid didn't make the grade during tryouts, then another year has passed and you’re asking what you paid all that money for?  At least you got their shirt!

Accepting committed applications!

Technical Soccer Club is Player-centered so we don't pretend to play the tryout games.  We are only interested in committed people that care about the long term growth of their child.  If the kid is focused on getting better, then we are your club of choice.  Our mission is to develop each individual to a higher standard, we won't leave any child behind.  

We don't charge for tryouts, in fact they aren't even tryouts we like to view them as a meeting between two parties to see if its a good fit.  So for lack of a better word, our tryouts are an opportunity to meet us and see what we are offering, which is real commitment to player development.  

Within our system, we will develop players and as a result our teams will benefit from the synergistic efforts of each player's development resulting in real teams, playing real soccer, with a real future.

We understand this might be an alien concept to you and make you a little nervous, but consider us more like a Montessori school that breeds creative, problem solving individuals that can perform in any team as they grow they will rise to the next level of team merely as their next challenge not because we are desperate to win State Cups.  We are player centered with a curriculum that is 10 months of the year, three times a week for less than other clubs in our area.

So why waste your time with the farce of pretense and come enjoy real long term player development.  We will be happy to come and present our model to your group and explain all the benefits and why the traditional models are so flawed. 

Technical Soccer Club is reestablishing what youth soccer should be, and that is about making players better while enjoying and mastering the game, all at a reasonable price.  Where will your child be in a year or even three years’ time?  That will depend on where you place them now!!!  



Technical Soccer Club
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